Following in the footsteps of Pop Art Artists, I take my inspiration from the simplistic style of comics.
I see it as an ideal medium to illustrate our social fantasies. A major theme of my work is the Judeo-Christian bipolar values of good and evil. I investigate symbols and stereotypes. Like a charade, a play on images, I put on display paintings whose association brings to light the arch messages that our society forwards to us.

Friday, September 25, 2015

L'expo à l'espace Ubisoft de Montréal continue jusqu'au 15 octobre - The exhibition at Ubisoft, Montreal is still on until october 15

Mon expo en duo avec Paul Brunet, commissaire Frédéric Loury (Art Souterrain) est visible à la galerie d'Ubisoft, entrée 5480 St-Dominique (à l'arrière du bâtiment principal) au sud de Saint Viateur. Voir photos ci-dessous. Si vous voulez visiter la galerie, je vous encourage à me contacter par courriel et j'organiserais une visite, merci.

My exhibition with Paul Brunet, curated by Frédéric Loury (Art Souterrain) is on view at Ubisoft Art space, the entrance is at 5480 St-Dominique (behind the main building) south of St-Viateur.
A few pictures below. If you want to visit the gallery, I encourage you to contact me by email, and I will organize a visit. Thanks.

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