Following in the footsteps of Pop Art Artists, I take my inspiration from the simplistic style of comics.
I see it as an ideal medium to illustrate our social fantasies. A major theme of my work is the Judeo-Christian bipolar values of good and evil. I investigate symbols and stereotypes. Like a charade, a play on images, I put on display paintings whose association brings to light the arch messages that our society forwards to us.


I was born in Switzerland of an Italian father and Swiss mother. I spent my childhood between Geneva, the Swiss Alps and Liguria, in Italy. I moved to England in 1972, finally settling in Provence during my formative years. An insatiable artist and Comics enthusiast from a young age, I spent hours at my drawing board influenced by American Comics and Cartoons. After obtaining a B.A. in Plastic Arts, I attended the Paris School of Applied Arts. I completed my education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Returning to France, I worked on various visual projects, before moving once again, this time to teach at the School of Beaux Arts in Fort-de-France, Martinique. I then moved to Montreal in 1993, where I remained.
Since 2000 I’m dedicated to my art and painting, I had group shows in Montreal, and solo shows in recent years, the last one in August and September 2015, I’m also a grant recipient of the Cultural Council of Quebec (CALQ) and concluded a three month work trip to Japan last spring.