Following in the footsteps of Pop Art Artists, I take my inspiration from the simplistic style of comics.
I see it as an ideal medium to illustrate our social fantasies. A major theme of my work is the Judeo-Christian bipolar values of good and evil. I investigate symbols and stereotypes. Like a charade, a play on images, I put on display paintings whose association brings to light the arch messages that our society forwards to us.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Talking about the graphic line...

This quote from an interview in Le Monde (1973) of the Cartoonist Herge, the creator of TINTIN, defines really well my philosophy of the graphic line, the essence of my visual research.

«Sawing the drawings of (Roy) Lichtenstein I’ve been fascinated by the similarity between the production of his drawings and mines. We can feel that it’s cleaned: there’s only one line at the end, not 36, this line is going to be decisive: it as to be well selected, there’s a lot of work before finding that line. We feel that in his sketches – and I know that he estimates TINTIN for the same reasons: this violent work on the paper and then we “cool down” the drawing, keeping only the best line at the end. The line that seems to embody, to the artist who draws it, all the energy, all the movement. »
Here below a few images from one of my last works to illustrate the work on the line: “The Archangel” production sketches to the finished piece composed of aluminum and wood layers, painted with Flash and real 23 K gold leafs.
This 3D piece measures 36 X 48 X 12 inches (depth) it has been showed at Joyce Yahouda Gallery, 372 Sainte Catherine street West, Suite 516, Montreal.

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